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Maroubra Optometrists – Eye Care

At Maroubra Optometrists we utilise the latest  in vision  technology to provide comprehensive eye health testing, and to accurately diagnose any vision issues.

Comprehensive eye examinations should be part of your general health care. They can reveal health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and diseases of the eyes such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

If you have any concerns with your vision or the health of your eyes, please contact us to make an appoinment for your eye test today.



Maroubra Optometrist – Digital Retinal Imaging

We routinely use the “state of the art” Kowa retinal camera to document the state of health of the back (retina) of the eye. The camera has two angles for photographing the retina which can be magnified up to 200 times. This instrument, in most cases, eliminates the need for the discomfort associated with pupil dilation. This technology can reveal some retinal disorders that may otherwise have gone undetected such as glaucoma, diabetic complications and macular degeneration.

With our retinal imaging camera we are able to obtain valuable images of your eye analyse them and store them for future comparison.




Maroubra Optometrist – Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT)

OCT is useful in diagnosing many eye conditions, including: age-related macular degeneration, retinal changes from Diabetes, central serous retinopathy. OCT is often used to evaluate disorders of the optic nerve as well. The OCT exam helps us to see changes to the nerve fibres of the optic nerve. For example, it can detect changes caused by glaucoma.


Maroubra Optometrist – Macular Degeneration



Is anything more precious than our sight?

Macular Degeneration (MD) is the leading cause of blindness in Australia, affecting central vision. MD is primarily age related and most frequently affects people over the age of 50. One in seven people over the age of 50 are affected by the disease and the incidence increases with age. It is sometimes referred to as Age Related Macular Degeneration or ‘AMD’.



Maroubra Optometrist – Frames

We have something for everyone and new products with the latest styles and materials are always arriving.
Whether you need to wear glasses for seeing distance or near or both there are lots of lens options.
New materials and lenses are leading the way. If you wear the “no line” or “invisible bifocal” (progressive) lenses, new designs make them easier than ever to use. Wider reading areas and smoother graduations make for more natural vision. Ask us for the Ego lenses from Carl Zeiss.
It’s most often appropriate to combine these great lens choices with a hard protective scratch coating, ultra violet absorption and at times with the enhanced clarity of reflection-free lenses.Transition lenses allow for significantly reduced glare when going between indoor and outdoor areas. 



Maroubra Optometrist – Lenses


   Carl Zeiss Vision



Transitions Lenses
These innovative lenses have the built-in ability to change from being clear to becoming sunglasses by automatically turning dark when exposed to sunlight. This reduces the need to carry around a pair of sunglasses or keep up with a clip-on sunglass attachment.

Polarized Lenses
Light reflected off objects that disturb vision (glare), can be bothersome or even dangerous especially while driving, fishing, or boating.

Polarized lenses work by blocking the components of light that cause glare. Come in for a demonstration and to see for yourself the difference these lenses can make to your visual comfort.

Glare is reduced even further by adding an anti-reflective coating on the back surface of your polarized prescription sunglasses.
Anti-Reflective Coating (Anti-Glare)
Have you noticed reflections off of people’s glasses, especially in a photograph?
This cosmetic issue can be diminished with an anti-reflective coating.
Also, this feature can help night driving by reducing halos/stray light around car headlights.






Maroubra Optometrist – Carl Zeiss Vision





Maroubra Optometrist – DriveWear Lenses

For more information on the DriveWear Lenses click here




Maroubra Optometrist – Contact Lenses

We promote the safe use of contact lenses as another mode of visual correction by providing contact lens fitting and all contact lenses at competitive prices.

In most cases, trial lenses are provided at no charge with a professional consultation.

Professional fees for contact lens visits are covered by Medicare in some cases. in some cases.











Maroubra Optometrist – Sunglasses


Our range of sunglasses include new styles and designs to keep up with changes in fashion and technology.





































































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